Welcome to Kings Private Hire Ltd, the company was founded in order to provide personnel screening which is tailored to reduce cost, ensure compliance and enable effective management. We at Kings Private Hire Ltd consider ourselves to be an alternative to the other companies who’s main business is private investigations and or security compliance. Our staff are dedicated to the vetting of prospective employees quickly and efficiently.

Why Vetting?
Any member of staff within an organisation can often access sensitive or confidential information with relative ease and then utilise this information for their own gain. It is also possible that they could carry out some action which may have a detrimental effect on the company’s reputation. In reality the most common or publicised instances of fraud are often perpetrated by very junior members of staff or an individual on a short term contract. The details supplied by employees on a CV or application form are generally a combination of facts and representations. Facts cannot be altered. Recent studies have shown that almost 30% of all resumes contain falsehoods and over 80% mislead. Some of these falsehoods are harmless, but there are also some serious breaches of legal and ethical boundaries, such as omitting a previous employment record due to loss of the position over an unresolved disciplinary matter. It is commonly believed that in almost 60% of employee theft and fraud related cases the individual responsible would not have been   employed if they had been subjected to vetting at the time of their original application. Is it really worth the risk ?

Normal business practice generally dictates that references and simple pre-employment checks are taken up on all new recruits. This generally involves verifying the details supplied by the prospective employee, obtaining written references, verifying personal details and often requires the applicant to be taken at face value. This first stage of checks has its obvious limitations.

The only reliable way of eliminating or greatly reducing such risk is to thoroughly screen the details of every member of staff from entry level up to and including senior managerial appointments. Kings Private Hire dig deeper and view each request on an individual basis. We liaise with our client and our services can be  provided quickly and efficiently, we recognise that it is not always possible to wait a long period of time and thus risk losing a potentially valuable member of staff.